boot sequence

I was born on a rock. Someday I will be buried under it. I came online in the ‘70s in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Technology has always been a passion of mine. I started programming when I was still in single digits. My cousin’s VIC20 and the accompanying programmer's reference guide that intro'ed me to the BASIC programming language is what started it all. I haven't stopped since.

Fast forward and I have now accumulated a lifetime of personal – and more than 20 years of professional – experience in the IT field, covering a wide range of industries and positions. I’ve worked in small businesses to large corporations. During this time, I spent 10 years in the casino and hotel industry. The lion’s share was in the casino mecca, Las Vegas. My time there was spent at some iconic locations. Started at Caesars Palace, hopped over to the Desert Inn (former stomping grounds of the Rat Pack and Howard Hughes), and spent the last five years of my stay as part of the opening team for Wynn Las Vegas before finally heading back to Nova Scotia in 2006.

Today I’m the manager of IT services at Innovacorp, providing a broad range of IT products, services and support for incubation clients, while managing the day-to-day IT operations at all of the facilities.

During this run, I have worked with many systems, networks, programming languages and disciplines. I am also currently being trained as a father. That may take a while.